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Pearl White Foam (Teeth Whitening Foam)

Pearl White Foam (Teeth Whitening Foam)

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Still Worried About Your Yellow Teeth And Afraid To Smile?

We all know the problem of our teeth turning less white due to stains caused by coffee, tea, or tobacco products. Unfortunately, teeth whitening is often temporary and very expensive.

Our engineers have found the perfect solution! Products are the latest technology in dental care. Products use a special wax-free formula with micro-foam technology that instantly makes your teeth healthier and 8 shades whiter - without any harmful chemicals. Getting whiter teeth has never been easier!

  • Easily remove coffee or small stains on teeth with just one application daily.
  • Whiter teeth within 2 minutes, no more expensive whiter treatments are needed

Show Your Beautiful Smile All Day Long!

Imagine feeling confident with your bright white smile, healthy teeth, and fresh breath all day long. This is only possible with our Products! Making your teeth whiter and healthier has never been easier! You can do it anywhere, anytime!



  • Imoprove Dental Health
  • Removes residue and odor-causing bacteria
  • Natural Ingredients

 Material: Cosmetic Material, Dental Hygiene

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