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SPYTECTIFY Professional Glasses Camera


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A portable camera leaving your hands free

Wearable glasses camera, hands-free, easy to carry.

You no longer have to worry about missing important parts of meeting and lecture notes, freeing your hands, gaining clearer understanding and improving work efficiency.

Hidden Camera Eyeglasses HD 1080P

Wear it to record your favorite sports, some exciting shows, birthday party, wedding, etc. Capture beautiful memories.

The length of the video clips can be set before recording. The shortest recording time is 3 minutes, the longest recording time is 6 minutes.


Camera in glasses also for recording various activities

❤️ Touch Control, Convenient Operation: G5s video glasses is a fashional video eye glasses designed with a touch control module on the left side temple. The operation is quite convenient. Without complicated action, you can easily control it just by one touch gesture. A 32GB micro SD card is included in the accessories. This memory card supports about 180 minutes of video storage, and the recording will overwrite when the memory card is full.

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  • ❤️ Wide Angle Camera Lens: The glasses records video at 30fps,1920*1080 pixels resolutions by an 80-degree wide-angle lens. It gives you a wider field of view and more convenient to record wonderful scenes. Limited by the size of CMOS, it's impossible for video glasses to achieve the picture quality of a professional action camera. G5s mainly focuses on "touch control camera, no physical buttons"

spy camera in glasses

Universal use of FULL HD camera hidden in the glasses frame

❤️ Long Endurance Battery: G5s comes with 2 right-side mini USB battery temples. The temple carries a 280 mAh built-in lithium battery. After fully charged, each battery can work for about 60 minutes. That means 2 batteries have about 120 minutes of endurance. If one of the batteries runs out, you can quickly replace it with the other one. The replacement is quite easy, just a pull and insert action

sport camera record

Variety of Usage Scenarios

Lightweight and natural-looking, feel no burden when wearing such a mini body camera and glasses. G5s video glasses apply to various usage scenarios such as cycling, hiking, skateboarding, hunting, classroom recording, meeting recording, rowing, mountaineering, camping, and driving.

body mounted video camerasvideo glasses display

  • ❤️ Light Weight, Fashional Design, Excellent Material: G5s video glasses' total weight is only 39g that makes you feel no burden. Lightweight and natural-looking. Benefit from 3D design, G5s camera glasses makes you a comfortable wearing experience. Different from similar products, there is no physical button on it. It‘s just a fashion eyeglass. G5s video glasses' frame uses TR90 but not ABS or PP. TR90 is super tough, wear-resistance, stress-resistance, it's not easily deformed
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