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Cloth Stain Remover Roll

Cloth Stain Remover Roll

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Cloth Stain Remover Roll, Portable No-wash Instant Stain Remover Pen

Cloth Stain remover, a ready-to-use rinse-free, quick-Cloth dry solution, perfectly engineered to assist you in your daily battle with tough stains.
Cloth Stain Remover Roll
Be it a teenager, student, working personnel or parent no one wants to stain their freshly worn outfit just before an important meeting or any other special occasion. Dont let a stain ruin your day!
Unique formulation : powered by our unique enhanced bioactivity of the ingredients to degrade the microorganisms along with the cleansing technology (ebdc technology) that ensures removal of dirt, dust & tough-stains from various fabrics such as rugs, curtain, couch and even your lovely dress.
EMERGENCY STAIN REMOVER: This portable and compact design is your number one lifesaver when you get stains on your clothes during work, parties, meetings, holidays, and more.
MULTIPURPOSE: Works on linen, cotton, silk, polyester, denim, blended fabric, jeans, jacket and so on. Saves effort, money, water and your precious time. Saves you from sudden situations just before special occasions.
SAFETY: Completely safe to use on skin and fabric. No damage to the colour. 100% corrosion-free

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