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High Quality Foldable Duffle Bag (Water Proof)

High Quality Foldable Duffle Bag (Water Proof)

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The Most Durable And Versatile Duffle Bag You  Will  Ever   Own!!

The travel bag has a strap that allows the bag to easily slide over the luggage handle without any hassle and mess in packing. It's a multifunctional carry-on bag that's able to save your travel. You can easily fold it neatly in its.


Its ideal for travel, camping, hiking, or beach. Stylish and functional, it won’t let you down.



This duffel bag is perfect to carry large items such as laptops, shoes, clothes, and other items.


Perfect backup bag for your belongings such as souvenirs, dirty clothes, and more.With a pocket outside that enables the duffel to slip over the handle of a suitcase.


Multifunctional travel bag. Easy to fold and unfold. Lightweight and compact.



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